What is total cost of doing master's in USA for 2years?

Asked by Yash Gawari about 1 year ago

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Aman Soren

Aman Soren

MentR-Me Team

Country Expert : Canada

One  of the major setbacks of Studying Abroad is the expenses. While USA is one of the most preferred study abroad destination amongst Indian students for their masters abroad, it also a bit on the expensive side. It is wise to calculate the expenses way in advance. It will help you plan your budgets accordingly. 

Here I have tried to mention the major expenses that you’ll have to take into consideration while studying in USA. 


Type of Expense        Amount in INR

GRE Fees (one-time)        15,800

TOEFL Fees (one-time)        14,200

Application Fee (one-time)        5,000-11,997

Counselling Fee (optional)        25,000

Additional Application Expenses (one-time)        12,000

VISA Processing Fee (one-time)        11,840

SEVIS Fee        F and M visa status: 26,000

J visa status: 16,360

Flight Expenses (one-way)        50,000-85,000

Tuition Fee (annual)        29,60,000-30,00,000

Accommodation Expenses (annual)        11,10,000-16,00,000

Total Expense        42,20,200-48,02,000"





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