What is the scope of the Health Informatics course in the UK?What about the job prospects after completion of the course?

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This course employs cutting-edge technology and heavily emphasizes analytical and practical abilities that you may utilise in the workplace. It can be completed in three years or one year of full-time study.

You will learn about new advancements and the evolving nature of technology within health informatics through connections with the NHS and organizations in the Life Science sector, positioning you at the forefront of this quickly expanding field.

Access to cutting-edge facilities housed within our Centres for Excellence for Administrative Data and eHealth Research will improve your educational experience. Your course will be of higher quality because of this £30 million facility, funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC) and Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).


  • Health Information / Data Management
  • Medical / Clinical Records / Coding
  • ICT and Computer / Health / Social / Sports Science
  • Health Economics
  • Nursing and Social Work / Care
  • Business Administration / Management and Application Statistics

Non-graduates are also welcome to apply. All applications are considered on individual merit, considering any relevant work experience. Should you have qualifications below the required minimum or lack a suitable first degree, please feel encouraged to apply if you have at least two years of experience in health informatics or related fields.

Applicants who are not first-language English speakers must provide the following qualifications:

  • IELTS Academic: 6.5 (minimum of 6.0 in each part)

A master's degree can be earned while taking this course.

Intercalation is an additional year of study on top of your medical degree program that gives you the chance to learn more, explore a new subject in-depth, and hone your skills. So, make your decision wisely. 


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