What is the scope of MSc in Public health in Canadian universities and how are the job and PR opportunities after MSc in public health from Canadian universities?Is an MBA from a Canadian B school a better option?Finally, I want to do a job and also want to settle permanently in Canada. Please help?

Asked by Mansi Wadhera almost 2 years ago

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Hey Mansi, how are you doing?

I understand that it can be quite overwhelming to choose the most suitable career option for yourself in today's time when there are thousands of options available. Both the degrees that you are confused about have their own benefits and things to offer. An MBA will equip you with the techniques of business management like marketing, finance, operations, human resources, etc, while an MSc in Public Health will give you detailed theoretical and practical knowledge into the health and medicine sector. Various universities in Canada offer both these courses and the employment opportunities are also no less. 

The most important thing that you need to find out is which course you’re eligible for. You can go on some university websites like the University of Alberta, Queen’s University, University of Toronto, etc, and check the eligibility criteria that they’ve set for MSc in Public Health applicants. For MBA, you can check out the eligibility on the websites of Rotman School of Management, HEC Montreal, McGill University, etc.

Whichever course you’re eligible for, and have your interest in, you should go ahead with it without any second thoughts. I personally feel that if we are passionate about the course that we study, opportunities are bound to come. 

Why don’t you tell me more about your academic background and interests and maybe then I can find the course and university most suitable for you. 


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