What is the scope of BCA abroad?

Asked by Disna Rai about 2 years ago

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Ankur Chaudhary

Ankur Chaudhary

Following my Passion | Undergrad Student at SRM University , Batch '21

The best areas for you with a Bachelor in Computer Applications are information technology (IT) and computers. With an undergraduate degree it is more likely to start from an entry-level position. You will have to work your way up. Most students choose a masters degree later, while some are more comfortable with an undergraduation.

Mentioning IT and computers, I mean all the combined areas of work within. With a MCA alone, some core areas are a little difficult to get in like systems and network. But it is not all hard. You can work and build experience as an alternative to qualifications. It soothes well to know that a masters is not always necessary to get ahead in your career.

Imagine doing your BCA from a top university abroad. It will avail better job possibilities. And with better test scores and curriculars you can do better, country wise. A top BCA from the USA generally results in a bigger paycheck compared to other countries. So I would suggest the USA in case you are looking. Just like it, all major countries have their own points.

When it comes to earning, it differs from location to location. The average annual salary of a BCA graduate in the USA can go up to $70,000 (around INR 53 lakhs). This is valid for the research sector only, but you get the idea. In Canada, a top position after a BCA can give you around INR 40-50 lakhs yearly. But the numbers are short for the UK. The BCA top earners in the UK get around INR 35 lakhs (more or less) annual salary. The USA is definitely the best place for an international career after a BCA.

European countries are not very appreciative about bachelor degrees. The thing is you get many fast-paced masters programs in Europe. So generally it takes less time and doing an MS from Europe is most recommended. However it is not some kind of necessity. You can go as per your career interests. And who knows maybe you would aim for a masters later as well? 

It actually goes for all countries that having a masters is better. But based on your interests I guess I don’t have a saying in this. However, if you want to know about courses you can do abroad, let me know.


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