What is the scope after completing maters in quality system engineering from Concordia University? Is it a good course and have decent job opportunities? And the average salary. Thankyou?

Asked by Varshitha gopu over 1 year ago

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vandana sinha

vandana sinha

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 Concordia University is one of the best universities in Canada to do a master's in Quality System Engineering. The university is located in the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Montreal and is considered one of the most innovative and diverse schools in Canada. 

I don't particularly appreciate giving clear verdicts. I will state the facts in front of you afterwards. Then, it will be up to you to comprehend if this degree is worth it. So the program prepares the students with the multidisciplinary skills, knowledge, and expertise with the latest technologies and practices essential in designing,  idling, analyzing, and optimizing futuristic quality systems and processes throughout their life cycles. 

Now talking about the scope, the university's placement rate is around 92%, and the students are placed in companies such as Boeing Company, Siemens, Cisco Systems, Air Canada, Apple, etc. And the average salary of last year's graduates was around $69,000 per annum. 

This was all about the numbers. Now let us come to my opinion. See, I believe skills are the most important thing to build a successful career in today's world. So if there is a program that helps you make the necessary skills and knowledge with the placements in such great companies, then I think the program is worth it. That was it from my side; if you need any other assistance or need an answer to any further doubt; then I am just a comment away :)



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