What is the process to apply for masters in the US what exams needs to be taken and all the procedure. How to avail scholarship?

Asked by Devashish Sharma about 1 year ago

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The important requirements for studying in the USA include the following: 

1. Completed application form and proof of completion of secondary school or 12 years of schooling. 

2. Certification of English language proficiency which is usually the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score. 

3. You also need evidence of financial support which is needed for the I-20 Form. 

The TOEFL requirement is mostly lower for community colleges in the USA as compared to four-year course institutions. The community colleges may even admit the student into the ESL (English as a Second Language) program if the TOEFL score is a little less than the entry threshold. Completing this ESL program will open up newer study avenues in the community college and offer better academic pursuits thereafter.

Some colleges may require international students to appear for an admission test. This may usually be the SAT I or Scholastic Assessment Test I or even the ACT (American College Testing) assessment. Some may also require scores of SAT II Subject Tests. You should check in advance for particular testing requirements at colleges and universities. 

The SAT exams are held multiple times in every session with registration material readily available at advisory centers and with test administrators themselves. The following details should answer your questions about how to study in the USA and the key requirements. 

Let me the know the course you wish to pursue for exact eligibility criteria and requirements!


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