What is the process of studying in Canada via a scholarship for a Master in IT, Medicine or Pharmacy?

Asked by Raveena Tomar over 1 year ago

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Diksha Garg

Diksha Garg

Supply Chain Management expert

Canada is pretty popular for courses like IT, Medicine and Pharmacy. And since a large number of international students target the country every year, you get many scholarship options as well. The procedure is quite simple and only needs extra focus on a few things. Your scholarship process generally starts after you receive your admission letter. Therefore, focus on that first.

I’ll try to put the procedure step by step to make it more understandable. Because it may be simple, but if you miss something, the entire process can be of waste. Here, take a look -


  • get a bachelor degree (from a recognized university)
  • prepare your academic transcripts
  • arrange all essential documents like ID, passport and photographs
  • attempt GMAT/GRE test
  • attempt an English language test (IELTS/TOEFL/PTE)
  • prepare your SOP, LORs and Essays
  • apply to the application on official website of university
  • answer all questions, submit documents and click submit
  • wait for the admission letter
  • start your visa and scholarship process after wards

Do all this and you are all set to study in Canada via a scholarship for a master in IT, medicine or pharmacy. The scholarship basically applies to the type of degree or subject wise. For instance, the scholarship programs will be for masters degrees. Furthermore those that are more exclusive, apply to subject areas like healthcare, technical, business etc.

One thing to keep in mind is that most scholarships are merit based. It means that you have to have a strong profile if you want to increase our chances. Because there are only too many scholarships to offer. You should directly get in touch with experts here. They can help you to prepare a solid profile that will be useful both in admission and scholarship procedure. Let me know if I can provide more information on this.


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