What is the minimum GMAT score requirement of top B-Schools?

Asked by Ganga Singh over 1 year ago

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Manash Bhattacharjee

Manash Bhattacharjee

Second year Undergraduate Student at Loughborough University

As you know different B-Schools accept different scores depending upon their rankings and current application profiles comprise of. The varying GMAT score heavily is decided on these factors and eventually becomes a minimum requirement of that particular university to expedite the shortlist process. 

While a safe GMAT score varies between 710 to 725, I have created a list of Top B-schools and the GMAT Score accepted by them:

  1. Stanford University - 733
  2. Harvard University - 730
  3. University of Pennsylvania - 722
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology - 720
  5. INSEAD - 710
  6. HEC Paris - 690
  7. London Business School - 700
  8. University of Chicago - 724
  9. Esade Business School - 670
  10. New York University - 684

These are the average GMAT scores that were accepted in the year 2021 and what we recommend to all the students with that we provide consultation. Keeping in mind, the scores remain almost in the same range but even a single digit can change the cut-off and requirement. Also, the score is not the only factor that decides your fate at a university. Your profile and goals are going to play an important role. 

You certainly don’t want to miss out on your chance of getting shortlisted because of some misinformation. So, I advise you to carefully look for the requirement of the schools that you wish to apply to. If this seems like a tough task to do by yourself, you can comment down your school preferences and I’ll help you with the exact GMAT score requirements and how you can improve yours. 



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