What is the difference between the MASc and MEng degrees for electrical and computer engineering offered by the University of Ottawa?

Asked by Gunjan bhaskar almost 2 years ago

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Ajay Kaparwan

Ajay Kaparwan

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MASc - Master of Applied Science

You will be working as a Research Assistant in a LAB under some prof’s supervision. To fulfil the academic requirement, you have to do five courses and a Thesis. If you have any plans of doing PhD in future especially in Canada, you should definitely opt for this course. Also, if you are focused on what topic you want to do for your Masters program, then I would suggest going for MASc and doing research on your field of interest.

Advantages of Doing MASc:

Learn trade skills of research
Learn how publication of paper works
gets an in-depth knowledge of a concept.
learn how to be patient ;-)
Will have to write a well structured Thesis.
Will definitely learn many Tools.
Will be get RA and are preferred for TA position. So basically if you are an international student your fees will be paid.
On the other hand it will depending on your professor, it will at-least take you 4 semesters to finish. It will be a very intense program.


MEng - Masters of Engineering

This is a more course based program, where you will have to do 10 courses or 9 courses and a project to fulfil the requirement. More or less it will be the same except that you will miss the research factor of masters. If you are looking to get exposed to lot of new ideas in several fields this is a good course, but if you want to do research on one field then MASc is better.


More industry oriented
Will get ample amount of time to connect with industry contacts
just have to do 10 courses
Will introduce to many topics as you will be taking 10 courses.

Let me know if this cleared your doubts and if you want any more information from my end. 


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