What is the best university for Msc. Geographical Information System?

I am having trouble finding universities which offer 2 year msc in GIS

Asked by Ishna Bhagat over 1 year ago

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Joshua Borisova

Joshua Borisova

Founder & CEO at TAXA

So you are looking for the best university for MSc. Geographical Information System, well, here is a list of them that you can go for:

Fleming College: This college is located in Peterborough, Canada; the college does not provide any scholarships, and the fee is somewhere between 8,42,300 to 10,97,300 INR.
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota: Located in Winona, USA, this university provides no scholarship, and the fees range between 2,35,400 to 23,41,200 INR.
University College London: This university is located in London, UK. There are no scholarships available, and they accept only 41% of international students. Their fee ranges somewhere between 17,36,600 to 29,80,600 INR. 
Cranfield University: Located in Cranfield, UK, this university accepts 51% international students but with no scholarship programmes. Their range somewhere between 18,94,700 to 36,04,400 INR
If you want to know more about any of these universities, you can ping us again and ask anything regarding the process, eligibility, etc., and we are happy to help.



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