What is the average salary package of Langara College students?

What is the actual salary package of students from Langara College who completed their post graduation in business administration..

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By providing more than 23,000 students with various educational and vocational opportunities each year, Langara College assists students in finding their way. Students who attend schools in Vancouver, one of the world's liveliest cities, enjoy the big city's events, tourist attractions, and the breathtaking natural scenery of the mountains and the western coast. More than 130 programmes and over 1,700 courses are available at the college. This comprises more than 70 career programmes that equip students with real-world knowledge and abilities to practise and study to prepare for new careers.

Students and graduates can choose their educational routes and pursue their academic and personal objectives thanks to the diversity of academic offers. In addition, the Government of Canada Post-graduate Work Permit Scheme allows students attending public post-secondary institutions designated as Learning Institutions (DLI) to benefit from off-campus and post-graduate employment opportunities (PGWP).

One of Canada's top universities for transferring students, The College enables students to start at Langara and finish a bachelor's degree at another top Canadian university. It offers education at costs that are less than those of institutions. Award-winning teachers teach in small classes, which is to the advantage of the students. One of the greatest ESL programmes in Canada to study and enhance English language skills before enrolling in academic programmes with English as the primary medium of instruction is the Langara English Academic Training (LEAP) programme. With the Homestay Accommodation Program, international students can also apply to live with a Canadian family.

Scholarships and awards from Langara College are meant to honour and encourage our students' exceptional performance. Recipients of scholarships and awards must meet all requirements.

Employees with a Langara College degree make an average base income of $127k, typically between $127k and $127k.


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