What is the average salary of a computer science graduate from the Stevens Institute of Technology?

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Stevens Institute of Technology graduates recorded a placement report of 97% internal 6 months of graduation. Stevens Institute of Technology has been ranked #9 with the aid of Princeton Review for ‘Best Career Placement’ in the year 2021 for the ‘Colleges That Pay You Back’ edition. The common income at Stevens Institute of Technology used to be recorded to be USD 75,000, and for this reason, it has been ranked #15 across the nation for PayScales best early and mid-career salaries

Stevens Institute of Technology Career Outcomes 2022
As per the occupation effects survey performed for Stevens Institute of Technology in 2021, it was once referred to that 59.6% of the college students were employed within three months of graduating and 37.2% of them chose to proceed with their education.

In terms of the placements geographically, the graduates had been in a position to find employment in the following places after graduating from Stevens Institute of Technology in the 12 months of 2021: 

  • NY Metro: 72%
  • USA - Northeast: 9%
  • USA - South: 9%
  • USA - Midwest: 4%
  • USA - West 5%
  • International: 1% 

Stevens Institute of Technology Top Employers 
There were 60 employers who employed two or greater graduates in 2021 at Stevens Institute of Technology. The following is a checklist of pinnacle employers that employed the graduates of the Stevens Institute of Technology: 

  • Abbott
  • Amazon
  • American Express
  • Deloitte
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Ernst 

Hence, the average salary of a computer science graduate from the Stevens Institute of Technology is USD 90,200.


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