What is the average salary for a Data Science analyst in the USA?

Asked by Manoj Soni almost 2 years ago

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Silvia Malloy

Silvia Malloy

CEO & Founder at Conva

The average salary for a data science analyst in the USA is quite good. But the actual numbers are subject to change based on the courses. Like there are many organizations that publish average salaries of different professions in the USA. Believing one over the other is a personal choice and differs from person to person.

For example, LinkedIn states that the average starting salary for a data analyst in the United States was $90,000 (about 70 lakhs) in 2021. On the other hand, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an average salary of around $86,000 (about 67 lakhs) annually. The statistics are not that different from the average data science analyst here. So we can assume that these data are accurate to the highest extent.

Data science is currently the #2 professions in the USA. Not to mention that it is also among the top ones in different countries like the UK, Canada, Germany and Australia. With a growing economy and business industry development, data professionals are high in demand. The jobs in this area are well paid and filled with career advancements. The US Bureau of Labor has recorded data science as one of the top paid jobs in the USA.

Most of the top universities have various data science courses available in abroad countries. International students are targeting these programs on a large scale, and it has become one of the most sought-after courses worldwide. If you are interested in data analysis as a career, know that you can get top-quality master's programs for it almost anywhere. It’s one of the benefits of choosing the most popular abroad courses. Top universities from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc., are all offering data science courses with analytics specialization.

The field is highly successful in developed locations. If the average salary is not enough to make up your mind, take a look at this. Even the base pay for a data analyst in the USA is more than $60,000 (about 45+ lakhs). You can imagine how lucrative the field is if it’s base pay is higher than most jobs in the country.

All in all, the accurate estimation for the average salary of data analysts in the USA is somewhere around 60-70 lakhs considering all trusted sources. To be frank, this figure seems more than good. I wouldn’t wait any longer if I were preparing for a data science course in universities abroad. If you need any kind of information on this subject, you can ask me.


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