What is the average salary after MS in structural engineering in USA?

Asked by Nana Rai over 2 years ago

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Silvia Malloy

Silvia Malloy

CEO & Founder at Conva

To be exact, it's very close to $71,000 (around 51 lakhs). The USA is a very rewarding country for civil engineering experts. However these numbers range from quite a number to a number. For example a structural engineer in the USA can earn anywhere from $59k-$94k. Based on your performance and choice of location, you can earn more than 70 lakhs per year.

The numbers are high because structural engineering is a major specialization in the USA. Out of all core electives, you are more likely to work in multiple sectors with an MS degree in structural engineering. Other major ones are, environment, geotechnical and construction. You will be surprised to know that an expert civil engineer earns the same as a structural engineer on average. Their earning range does differ but still, it's impressive.

Now, this does not mean that $71,000 is the most you can get after an MS in civil engineering in the country. There are many job roles and structural engineers can fill. For example; project engineer. Basically here you manage all functionality of a structural project as a manager. The average salary of a project engineer (structural) is $70,000 (around 51 lakhs). It's more or less the same as a structural engineer payscale. However, their earning range is more flexible. It can be lower as well as a bit higher.

When you keep working in the field of structural engineering, your pay scale increases. But to get this benefit, you have to apply for a different job role. Because most of the jobs in structural engineering are; structural engineer and project manager. Therefore to get a higher-level job in your field, you can either apply to different roles or get promoted.

The most obvious position would be of a senior structural manager. In most cases, the salary of a senior structural manager ranges from $78k-$127k. Based on location, you can expect a big difference in the pay scale. The average salary of the same role is more than $95,000. This equivalents to somewhere around 72 lakhs annual salary. The profession is location dependent because there are different structural possibilities in every location.

I would say that the USA is a pretty good place for a structural engineering career. The universities there are top class that offer MS in civil engineering(structural). Some names are MIT, Stanford and UC Berkeley. If you are planning to apply for any university there, I can be an assistant. By evaluating your profile and records, we can see which universities are good and how you can apply to them. Thanks.


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