What is the average salary a student gets after doing MS in electrical/electronics engineering in US or Canada?

Asked by Limbo 10 months ago

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Manash Bhattacharjee

Manash Bhattacharjee

Second year Undergraduate Student at Loughborough University

In the USA, an electrical engineer has an average yearly salary of 89,900 USD. The annual compensation scale ranges from 48,600 USD to 136,000 USD. Students in the United States earn up to 111,000 USD yearly with an MS in Electrical Engineering. The average salary earned by master's in electrical engineering students after graduation is 116,000 USD. Top Canadian Universities with Electrical Engineering Masters Programs According to the QS World University Rankings, 2022, the following table lists the top universities in Canada for master's programs in electrical engineering. If you want to know anything more about the jobs in any other field in any other country as well just ask us.


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