What is the average Artificial Intelligence and Data Science salary package in the USA?

Asked by Anil Rajak almost 2 years ago

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candice samuel

candice samuel

Recruiting Manager, Operations at Apple

The difference between the salary packages of artificial intelligence and data science is not vast. I have checked many courses like Indeed, Glassdoor and Datamation. The biggest difference you find between the salary of AI and data science professionals is around $10,000 (around 7.8 lakhs).

First, let's see what the earning potential is in artificial intelligence. According to Datamation, an artificial intelligence programmer earns between $100,000 to $150,000 annually (around 78 lakhs to 1,2 crore). These numbers are of course a depiction of the prime locations. If you look at AI engineers, many of these professionals are earning above $170,000 (around 1.33 crore) annual income. AI is a very technical field and it's growing rapidly.

From the past few years, data science has been rising like a phoenix. It’s like everywhere you see, there are data science masters, data science jobs, and data science specializations taking over. AI can also be put under data science to some extent. It is not only the current #1 profession in the world but also the most sought-after degree course. The application for data science in universities abroad have left behind even computer science.

With just a standard data science qualification, a data scientist is earning like $95,000 (around 74.5 lakhs) annual income. Also, despite a recent influx of early-career professionals, the average starting salary here remains around $95,000 (which is impressive). Later in the career, the earning potential gets even stronger with experience.

As per Burtch-Works study, mid-level data scientists have an average annual salary of $130,000 (around 1 crore). These numbers go even higher in the later stages of the career. Same goes for A professional. The top salary recorded in artificial intelligence is above $200,000 which makes it one of the highest paying jobs ever.

Data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning etc., are up & evolving sectors that are getting more popular day by day. Don’t be surprised if these professionals replace one too many things in the modern industry. If you are thinking for a master program in either data science and artificial intelligence, now is the time. If you have any doubts, ask me. Don’t waste your valuable time as it's only going to be more competitive later.


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