What is the application process for the University of Waterloo Data Science?

Asked by Nana Rai almost 2 years ago

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Keith Malloy

Keith Malloy

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The University of Waterloo is quite a nice university to aim for. It is among the top Canadian universities renowned for its quality of education. However, this also makes the university hard to get in. It would be best if you had a nice GPA score to compete with all other applicants. The university does not enroll many applicants, and the number of applications is big for the University of Waterloo data science program. Make sure you have a good profile so your application can stand out.

You should know that this program is somewhat of an advanced data science program that requires work experience in relevant fields. This means that unlike other masters abroad, you can't just apply to one after undergraduate. If you are already interested in the program, you must know this detail; however, it's never wrong to mention important details.

The program name is Master of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (MDSU). It is a 12-36 month program that you can do full-time or part-time. There are 3 intakes, so you get a bit of flexibility to apply at different times of the year. The application process for the University of Waterloo data science program is not that complex. You must meet the eligibility criteria first and see what things you need to apply for the program. Here are the standard eligibility requirements from the University of Waterloo.

Minimum requirements 

  • Honors Bachelor's degree or equivalent in data science, computer science, statistics, mathematics or a related field, with a minimum overall average of 78%.
  • Experience at the senior level in at least one of computer science or statistics.
  • Students in the Master of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence - Co-operative Program can apply to transfer into the Master of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Program after completing at least one academic term. The Graduate Director will decide on admittance on a case-by-case basis.

Application materials 

  • Résumé/Curriculum Vitae
  • Supplementary information form
  • Transcript(s)


  • Number of references: 3
  • Type of references: at least 2 academic sources

English language proficiency (ELP) (if applicable)

So if you are eligible to apply, you can directly do that on the program's official page. There you will be needed to submit all asked documents. While doing so, you also have to answer a few questions to your intelligence and then hit submit. It takes around 2-3 weeks for the universities in Canada to respond. So do not fret if it takes an extra week. That happens because of the large number of applications sometimes.


I believe that's everything we need to cover. If you want to know what core course or specializations this program has, just let me know. Canada has many top-tier universities that are very good for data science programs. In case you change your mind and look for other universities, I can assist. Feel free to share your thoughts.


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