What is the application process for Data Science after BCA?

Asked by Manoj Soni over 1 year ago

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Steven Mizell

Steven Mizell

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Data science after BCA, I assume it is a master's degree you are looking for, right? The application process of applying for a master's degree is standard. It basically remains the same for all master's programs (excluding dedicated courses that ask for specific subject requirements in undergraduate). All you have o do here is follow the steps accordingly, and you will be set to apply for a day science master's.

Having a BCA as your undergraduate is quite nice. It fits very well with a data science program. You'll have an upper hand that will help you to grasp the technical aspects of the course quickly. Anyway, here is a step-by-step procedure on how you can apply for a data science master's after your BCA.


  1. gather undergraduate degree and academic transcripts (from a recognized university)
  2. gather important documents like ID, passport and photographs
  3. attempt GRE/GMAT test
  4. attempt language test (IELTS/TOEFL/PTE)
  5. prepare your SOP, LORs and Essays
  6. apply on the official page of the program
  7. submit all documents and answer questions
  8. hit submit, then wait for the response from the university
  9. after you receive your admission letter, start the visa and scholarship process
  10. book a flight and go to the university

Scores of GRE/GMAT and language tests are not optional in this case. For master's programs in an abroad university, you need to submit these documents. Some universities waived off their GRE/GMAT requirement during the global pandemic COVID-19. However, these universities are not large in numbers. Besides, you don't want to be limited with fewer options as it binds you to compromise. Attempt the test even if you are afraid of getting average scores. Language tests like IELTS & TOEFL are visa requirements. So no need to score exceptionally; just the minimum requirement will do.

Do this, and you are all set to apply for data science after your BCA. Basically, you will be eligible for some sort of scholarship that will aid you in finance. Plus there are aids like student loans which you can avail. There are many amenities that help students to make their dream of higher education come true. Just start preparing and if you need any help in any manner, just ask me.


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