What is the application process for a master's in Data Science in Australia?

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ishita goyal

ishita goyal

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You will need a few things for a master's program in Australia. First, you must meet the eligibility criteria for master's programs in Australia to apply for one. Compared to other countries' procedures, it is not any different in terms of Australia. You have to meet the minimum score asked for you to be eligible.

For instance, if you are looking to apply to a university like the University of Melbourne or Sydney or, say, RMIT, you have to have some really good grades and test scores. While these things differ from university to university, the general GPA suggestion here is minimum 3.0 (7.5 CGPA). Having this much will work in your favor to apply to big universities in Australia.

Your language test score is not needed to be exceptional. If you are with IELTS, a 6.0 band is the minimum requirement (which, by the way, is super easy). TOEFL, you can consider iBT 90 as the score to meet the minimum. On a separate note, your GRE or GMAT score is a different story. If you are attempting the GRE, make sure to reach almost 320 scores and for GMAT, keep it to 700. Though it is a good enough score, try to get more, and it will decide what university you can target.

Anyway, here is a step-by-step guide to the process for a master's in data science in Australia:

  1. prepare an undergraduate degree (from a recognized university)
  2. gather academic transcripts and documents
  3. attempt GRE/GMAT
  4. attempt a language proficiency test
  5. prepare SOP, LORs and Essays
  6. start the application on the official program page
  7. submit documents, answer questions and submit
  8. wait for the university to respond to your enrolment
  9. start your visa and scholarship process
  10. go to the USA and start your program

You can only start your official visa and scholarship process once you receive admission from the university. Also, among all the things asked and submitted here, your SOP, LORs and Essays are the most crucial ones. You must put extra thought into these documents as Australian universities take them very seriously. Do not throw away tour enrollment because of less preparation.

I believe that is all you need to worry about. Take care of all mentioned things here, and you will be set to apply for a postgraduate degree (like data science) in Australia. Make sure to choose university wisely as it will greatly impact your career. Let me know how it all pans out. And if you have any questions, I can help with that as well.


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