What is the addmission requirement for masters in Canadian Universities and college's for Btech students.I have only 6.8 cgpa in my BTech and had 3 backlogs, Am i eligible to study master's in Canada?

Asked by Tejosai almost 2 years ago

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Diksha Garg

Diksha Garg

Supply Chain Management expert

Yes, ofcourse. Your profile looks pretty decent to me. Although you might want to check the eligibility requirements based on the course that you wish to pursue. 

Meanwhile I am sharing the top schools in Canada along with their fees and the average eligibility requirements. 
Schulich School of Business   CAD 106,900

York University      CAD 22,205 (P.A.)

Ted Rogers School of Management   CAD 23,077(P.A.)

Ryerson University     CAD 24,792

Sauder School of Business     CAD 90, 393

Rotman School of Management      CAD 63,020 (P.A.)

Eligibility Criteria

* Minimum GPA of 3.0 in bachelors.

* Results of English Proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL. 

* Few institutions might ask you to submit your GRE scores with a minimum score of 260 (for engineering and science-based programs).

* For master’s in management, a minimum GMAT minimum score of 650. 

If you need any further information, directly get in touch with Study Abroad experts here. They will analyse your profile and not just help you with all the information but also assist you in the entire application process for FREE.


Divya Rastogi

Divya Rastogi

MentR-Me Team

Applying for a master's degree in Canada as a BTech graduate involves several critical requirements that you should carefully consider. 

Canadian universities generally look for a strong academic record, relevant professional or research experience, and proficiency in English. Your CGPA of 6.8 and the history of backlogs can be addressed strategically in your application.

Academic Requirements: 

Most Canadian universities expect a minimum CGPA of around 7.0 out of 10 for admission into their graduate programs. However, this can vary significantly between institutions and specific programs. Engineering and technology programs, in particular, might have more stringent requirements due to their competitive nature.

While having backlogs is not uncommon, how they are perceived depends on your overall academic improvement and the reasons behind them. If you've shown a strong upward trajectory in later years or have retaken courses to improve your grades, make sure to highlight this in your application.

In addition to academics, universities in Canada also consider research experience, publications (if applicable), professional experience related to the field, and your statement of purpose. A well-crafted statement of purpose that explains your backlogs and illustrates your commitment to your field can significantly strengthen your application.

Start by identifying programs that align with your interests and background. Consider reaching out to admissions counselors to discuss your unique circumstances. They can offer guidance on how your academic background fits with their programs and suggest steps to enhance your application, such as taking additional courses or gaining further professional experience.



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