What is regression in Data Science and how is it useful for your career growth?

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Diksha Garg

Diksha Garg

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Regression along with Python and SQL is one of the few things that you learn first in data science. It is not news to a data science enthusiast that regression is very important and one has to go through it in a  data science masters course. But first, let's start with explaining what it is then move to how it is useful?

Basically, regression is used in the context of data science and machine learning. Here, it refers to the estimation of a continuous dependent variable or the response from input variables and features. It may sound all technical but it is really now. To understand it more simply, regression is a method used to determine the statistical relationship between a dependent variable and one of the more independent variables.

If it is left unchecked, variables can be tricky to understand. Regression simply deals with finding meaningful information and relationships. In variables, the change independent variable is associated with the change in the independent variable. Regression just makes it easier to understand. Later on, this is used to make tasks and operations more functioning. Just like analytics itself, regression has its own way of use in data science.

Regression can be classified into two types:

  • Linear regression &
  • Logistic regression

Comin to how it is useful for your career growth, firms and organizations use regression to analyze and understand the significance of their data points. It is done to use analytical techniques and make better decisions based on the information gained. If this is not done, you will be able to perform actions of course, however, it will not bring the expected results as it will be done without understanding the correlations in the information.

As complex as it sounds, it is a very regular task in data science professions. If you wish to apply for a big firm or go for a masters in data science, you have to learn regression. Master courses in universities abroad use regression as one of the starting topics in their courses. You can learn and master regression in a short time depending on your interest and dedication. It is not that hard to understand, but a bit tough to master.

Regression analysis is a very reliable method of identifying variables having an impact on a topic of interest. With this, you can determine what matters more and what can be ignored. So automatically, the big organizations look for professions that are sufficient in this area of data science. In general, with expertise in regression and a few other elements, you can earn a six-figure salary in developed areas.

For precise and evergreen career growth, I recommend focusing on such topics in your masters. Choose your courses precisely after going through all of their elements and career options. Let me know how I can help here.



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