What is the listening section in IELTS?

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Divyakshi  Gupta

Divyakshi Gupta

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The IELTS Listening Test is one of the four sections in the IELTS exam. While some candidates claim this is not that challenging, a vast majority of those who have taken it would say it is one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult of all sections. Unlike the IELTS Speaking, Reading, and Writing Tests that allow you to review and correct your responses, the IELTS Listening Test does not give you that option because the audio recordings will be played only once. 

Below are proven and practical tips and tricks on how to ace the IELTS Listening Test with ease.  

Watch out for paraphrased sentences: Remember that what you hear will almost certainly differ from what is printed on the test paper because that would be too simple. Synonyms are used in the question and the stems, so you must pay attention to these.
Ignore unfamiliar words: In the IELTS Listening Test, chances are you will hear words that you do not know. Do not panic if this happens. These words may be and if there are questions about these words, make an educated guess. 
Highlight important ideas: To help you ‘hear’ the answer, underline significant words in the question stems when you first look through the questions. These words may be names, locations, and dates. Keep in mind, however, that synonyms are commonly used, as previously stated.
Be mindful of spelling and grammar: Remember that if your answer is misspelled or the grammar is not correct, it will be marked wrong. Double-check these when you transfer your answers on the answer sheet. The sentences on the test paper might assist you with grammar – does it make grammatical sense? Is it a verb, a noun, or an adjective?
Take a look at two questions at the same time: Some questions may contain answers close together in one line, so if you only look at one question at a time, you may miss one. Another reason why you should do this is you can miss an answer if you are only looking at one question. 
Be careful of writing your answers right away: During the IELTS Listening Test, speakers will frequently provide an answer and then correct themselves after. As a result, the first response that appears correct may be incorrect. Be careful, as a lot of candidates have fallen into this ‘trap.’
You can also prepare for your Listening  Section here under the FREE IELTS Resources. You can find the summary of the types of questions and tips and tricks to ace the Listening Section and Mock Tests along with Answer Key under the Test and Assignment Section. The same is available for all sections respectively.

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