What is a good PTE score for obtaining a scholarship for master's in Canada?

Asked by Kalyan 12 months ago

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HEY, a score of around 58 in PTE would make you eligible to apply for scholarships in Australia.

Scholarships to study in Australia - Eligibility for Australia Awards
The following items are required for Australia Awards Scholarship applications:

- The applicant must not be a permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand and must be a citizen or resident of one of the participating nations, such as Bangladesh, India, or Pakistan.

- By February 1st, the scholarship's start date, the applicant must be 18 years old.

- The minimum required English language scores are 6.5 IELTS, 78 TOEFL, and 58 PTE.

- Must be able to enter the desired Australian university.

- Must meet the requirements set forth by the Department of Home Affairs for an Australia visa.

- Unless they have lived overseas for twice as long as they have resided in Australia, candidates cannot have previously received an Australia Award.

Please let me know the course you wish to pursue to give you exact details. 

I hope this was helpful or else you can directly talk to our experts here. 


Rohan  Dharamchand

Rohan Dharamchand

MentR-Me Team

As a current international student in Canada, I can tell you that achieving a high PTE score is definitely beneficial for scholarship applications. From my experience and discussions with peers, a score above 65 is often considered good, but aiming for 70 or higher can give you a better edge. I focused on balancing my preparation for the PTE with maintaining a strong academic record and engaging in relevant extracurricular activities. Scholarships are competitive, so it's important to showcase your overall potential, not just your language proficiency.


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