What if I don't have backs but want to improve my score in subjects for my overall %?

Asked by Meghana over 1 year ago

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vandana sinha

vandana sinha

M&A - Tax & Regulatory || Nangia & Co LLP

Hey! It is great knowing you don’t have backlogs during your course. However, if you have low scores, there is no way to improve them. Although, don’t lose hope! Other options are still available to get admission into the university and program you to desire. The general eligibility criteria followed by the Universities are given below: 

Having at least 50% in the previous degree. 
Good scores in the English language proficiency tests. 
Having a minimum of 2-3 years of professional work experience
Possess good communication skills, be goal-oriented as well as have a learning aptitude 
Therefore, you still have a great chance to get admission into the universities located abroad in your desired course. You have to improve your essays, statement of purpose, and GMAT scores, and you are good to go! Hence, do not lose motivation and maintain an optimistic attitude towards your application procedure. There is still sufficient time to improvise other sections of your application if your scores are not so good. You can compensate for your scores for work experience, extra-curricular, English language test scores and more. All the best! Just stay positive, and you will do wonders.



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