What Data Science notes are required for a University Interview?

Asked by Shivangi Sahu almost 2 years ago

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Shruti g

Shruti g

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The answer is very simple. You only need to work on essentials here. People hear a data science interview; they start preparing for a complete course. The interview part is just to assess your understanding of the subjects. Your resume and experience are enough to assess your skills. Plus, any university or, say, even a company allows you to learn and develop.

Data science interviews are basically filled with basic questions. For instance, you might be asked about SQL or Python language problems. You may be asked to give a better solution to using a database or library. It doesn’t mean you will be developing an entire database in the interview itself. Therefore, relax a bit. Besides, you would be applying for a program at the university. You are not supposed to master the subject already.

Some other areas I would suggest you look into for the interview -

basic machine learning
basic regression
data understanding &
database and data library

This was about the technical questions. However, there are many other aspects of a university interview. You will be asked the reason for joining a data science program specifically. This question is like ‘why should we hire you,’ which is in every interview. So do not panic and also do not get overconfident. These types of questions are meant to be answered simply with no other interventions.

Mostly your university questions will involve these four major areas that I mentioned. Many admission committees release their own sample interview questions for students. If your chosen university happens to do that, make sure you are up to grab.

Regression, data libraries and basic machine learning are very basic things in data science. If you wish to get enrolled in a good data science program abroad, you have to be familiar with these topics. Even the mock interview makers recommend dame things. If you haven’t been through a mock interview, go for it. It will give you a solid idea of the types of questions you will face in an actual interview.

Also, you can contact the alumni of the university of your choice. Many graduates from different data science programs tend to help young students. Not just for an interview, they can give suggestions for your SOP, and Essays. Anyway, back on the original track, at least try going over the mentioned topics once or twice. Let me know if I can help any more with this.


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