What are the top schools abroad offering CSE Data Science subjects?

Asked by Vijay Singh almost 2 years ago

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paul larsenee

paul larsenee

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CSE data science courses are not rare to find. In fact they are quite common. There are universities in different countries that offer these kinds of master courses. Basically, you want to look for universities that excel in computer science and have CSE data science masters. Because in a  way, data science is a part of computer science.

If I have to suggest the top schools abroad offering CSE data science subjects, I would go with USA-based universities. It’s only logical. The universities there rank best for CSE data science courses, they have more options and also, the post grad opportunities there are quite a hit. Compared to any other country, the USA has a higher average salary for data science graduates and the country has a diverse industry.

You can quite possibly recognize some of the names that I would consider for these courses. For example, take a look -

  1. Carnegie Mellon University
  2. University of California, Berkeley
  3. Georgia Institute of Technology
  4. University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
  5. University of Texas - Austin

Basically, Carnegie Mellon and UC, Berkeley are some of the very best universities for any kind of data science course. Not just in the USA, but these two universities are known to have top rated courses in data science globally. If you have enough budget for these two universities, I would not suggest aiming for any other university.

After these two, the last three on the list are  the best universities in the USA if you want a CSE data science subject course. They are well known and their degree has a high value in the international market. You can easily expect to land a top quality job in a top quality organization after getting a data science degree from these universities.

Data science is worth it as a career option if you want a high-paying, dynamic and a growing field. Not just  good options for job and career, it also has good options for courses.  Because almost all top universities  in the world have CSE data science courses. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a 22% growth in job outlook for data science from 2020-2030. It is much faster than the average for all occupations.


You can get an idea based on these numbers how good a job or career in data science can be. Not just that, the universities I mentioned have excellent records when it comes to earnings and job placements of data science graduates. However, if you think you want some more options, maybe in the UK or Canada, just let me know. I can recommend a few more top schools abroad for CSE data science subjects.


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