What are the top career options for data analytics and AI course Abroad?

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dania ortega

dania ortega

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Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) both are considered the roles of the future, with high growth potential and a bright future. Working professionals are in high demand in this industry, but alas, there is not many skilled personnel in the market. That is why a person should pursue their graduation or masters from the right place, and the right place here means the best university in a great country. 

The importance of pursuing your studies from abroad gives you a huge competitive edge over other job-seekers. Giving you the right skill set and the right exposure, studying abroad also enhances your efficiency and makes you a person who is in high demand in the market. When you meet a lot of people from different places and different cultures, this diversity makes you capable of managing and working with different people. 

In data analytics and artificial intelligence, where skilled professionals are so scarce, it becomes even more important for a person to gain the right skill set and develop the right qualities. Here technical understanding and analytical skills play a major role. Also, excellent communications and leadership skills make it easy to work with smooth coordination.

Before moving to the career options, I would like to clarify that no matter where you have completed your course, career options in both fields will remain the same. If any changes happen, then it will be in your salary structure and company. So let’s discuss how much hike in your salary you can expect by finishing your course from a reputed institute from abroad. 

Data Analytics:

Data analyst: At the entry level, a data analyst earns approx. $45,800 on an average basis. But the right place and right university can give him a hike of somewhere around $61,500 - $64,000.
Business Intelligence analyst: At an entry-level, a business analyst earns roughly around $51,200 on average. But if this is pursued from a reputed college abroad, the average salary can be $65,700 on average. 

Artificial Intelligence

A.I. Developer: An average A.I. developer earns somewhere around $57,000 at an entry-level. But this can be increased to an average of $66,400 per year with the right education and skill set.
ML Engineer: The average salary of an ML engineer can be increased from $61,200 to $78,100 with the right skills and education.


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