What are the top 7 schools in the world for Data Science Analytics?

Asked by Disna Rai almost 2 years ago

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Diksha Garg

Diksha Garg

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Analytics is an expensive part of data science. In a way, you can assume that the most jobs and careers in the data science line include analytics. The abroad universities also have analytics built  in their data science program as one of the biggest core modules. This is why nowadays, we are seeing so many data analytics programs.

Instead of a regular data science program, students are preferring a data analytics course. This allows us to get a specialization more w effectively and work with the subject deeply. It’s like choosing an automation course instead of mechanical engineering. While one will give you an overall subject knowledge, the other will allow you to specialize in a core area.

I have some really good universities in my mind that have analytics masters in data science. Have a look, maybe you’ll like some of the names here -

University of California Berkeley
Carnegie Mellon University
Georgia Institute of Technology
University of Warwick
University of Edinburgh
Ryerson University
The University of British Columbia

The first three options are the best ones you can get from the USA. Whenever someone asks me for a data science and analytics course, I always recommend the USA. The computer and information sector are vast in the USA. According to organizations like BLS and Indeed, the data science job market is highly prosperous there, increasing around 15% every year. Besides, universities like UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon and Georgian are some of the best ones for data science.

The University of Warwick and Edinburgh are really good universities from the UK. The UK is widely famous for offering short one-year master programs. The course there directly starts with your specialization. The shorter the time, the more money you can save. Also, UK universities are quite popular for research and innovation. If you are interested in a research based career in data analytics, I would definitely recommend the UK.

The last two; Ryerson University and UBC are the best universities from Canada that offer  data analytics programs. There are many other universities there that have data science courses but these two are definitely the best ones. In fact UBC is like one of the best universities worldwide. Your data analytics degree from these two universities will have the most value there. Canada has a calm and friendly environment, you will definitely like it  there.

Basically, these are the top 7 universities I can think of objectively. Mentioning all options for a single country is not smart. You should consider different locations. Because every country has a different style of education. Based on your qualifications and preference, make a smart choice. If you need any help with that, I’m always available. Just  leave a comment.



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