What are the top 5 Universities in Germany for MCA?And what is the percentage required?

Asked by Akash almost 2 years ago

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Well, I can say that the very best ones are the answer here. Basically, the best overall universities in Germany offer masters in Computer Applications. And you will be most satisfied to know the names. These are the universities that reflect Germany on an international level.

Here are the top 5 universities in Germany for MCA -

1.Technical University of Munich (TMU)
2.Technical University of Berlin
3.Ludwig Maximilians University Munich  (LMUM)
4.RWTH Aachen University
5.Humboldt University of Berlin (HU Berlin)

The top two options are for a wider selection of programs and also academics. Their value speaks for themselves. In general, the Technical University of Munich is the very best one, and not just in the curriculum. Ludwig Maximilians and RWTH are more suitable for research-oriented and core studies. These universities offer more specialized MCA courses.

The percentage requirement for each university is not clear. Like TMU or Technical University of Berlin does not even specify a fixed number on their website.

You need the most for TMU, around 4.5 GPA (Germany uses a 1-5/6 GPA scaling).

For the Technical University of Berlin, you are safe with a 4.0 GPA.

LMUM is also good around 4.0 in most cases.

The other two are more flexible with the GPA requirements. You will need around 3.5-4.0 GPA from the last two options.

You should know that Germany generally uses 1 as best and 6 or 10 (if measured 1/10) as the lowest. The higher the number the lower the grade. I know it's opposite to other countries but it is what it is. And if you ask for a general percentage in 1/10 it's basically around 8-10 for all five options.

If you want a specific university detail you can ask me. Or in case you need to know whether you are eligible for these universities or not. I would be happy to assist in any manner possible.



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