What are the top 5 universities for M pharm in Canada?

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Tejaswini Malik

Tejaswini Malik

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A typical Canadian master's in pharmacy has a slightly different format than other Canadian master's degrees. It lasts two to three years and can be taken as a research, thesis-based, or non-thesis course. Additionally, students can select between full-time and part-time alternatives. Universities also offer specialised graduate subjects for students interested in gaining knowledge in specific subfields such as drug design, pharmaceutics, biomolecular pharmaceutical sciences, clinical pharmaceutical sciences, etc.

These five colleges in Canada have M Pharma courses: 

  1. Charles Sturt University
  2. University of Alberta
  3. Brock University
  4. St. Clair College for Applied Arts and Technology
  5. Niagara College Canada, Welland Campus

Master's degree programs in pharmacy can cost anything from 7,300 to 40,900 USD (or around INR 5,51,000 to INR 30,88,000) to complete in Canada. In addition, living expenses can change depending on the city where you live. Average living costs that might be accumulated while pursuing a master's degree in pharmacy in Canada range from 800 to 10500 USD [approximately 58,900 to 7,92,300 INR].

Pharmacy postgraduate entry-level employees typically start at a salary of roughly 70,000 USD. The strong graduate employability of all Canadian colleges that provide a master's in pharmacy is recognized on a global scale.

A postgraduate with a master's degree in pharmacy also has more options than just working as a pharmacist in biotechnology labs or retail. Universities, clinical research institutes, and other organizations offer positions in studying innovative medications and their interactions. Programmers, medical writers, and pharmacy postgraduates now have access to a new field of employment. To create content and papers that effectively convey research and other clinical and regulatory paperwork, subject matter experts work with physicians and scientists.


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