What are the top 5 Universities for interior design in Canada?

Asked by Vyshu..🤠 about 2 years ago

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Diksha Garg

Diksha Garg

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Hi Vyshu, how's everything going?

So I have personally come across numerous occasions when the majority of aspirants aim for the top 5 or say top 3 u universities. As per my opinion, these are top 5 universities for interior design:

  1. Ryerson University
  2. George Brown (College of Applied Arts & Technology)
  3. Humber College (Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning)
  4. University of Manitoba
  5. Kwantlen Polytechnic University

While every option is worth considering, I would recommend either Humber College or second, Ryerson. Humber College is way more perceptual. It includes real-life POV to offer a more extensive curriculum. If you like to work comprehensively in industry, that’s what you need.

I know for sure, some students prefer a more academic approach, if you are among them then go for Ryerson. In comparison, the curriculum for interior designing courses are more advanced. It focuses on distinguished six-streams, so it is more dynamic. Whatever institute it is, just make sure to apply as per your career expectancy. But if I have to, I would still mainly recommend two mentioned, maybe George Brown after that.

Most importantly, you should check your profile and apply to the best universities that you are eligible for. To evaluate your profile and get a free list of ideal schools suitable for you, you can check this free tool at https://bit.ly/3JLXrwB 

Let me know if  this helped you and if you want any more insights from my end. 


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