What are the top 5 schools for a Data Science diploma abroad?

Asked by Ramu Rai almost 2 years ago

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Shruti g

Shruti g

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Diploma programs are also available for data science. It’s not as common as a regular master but you can definitely find a ton of good universities in all countries that offer data science diplomas. But I have to say that Canada is your best choice here. Not because  of data science but for diploma courses. The country has the best diploma and certificate courses available in a  wide variety of subjects.

But I guess having options just from Canada is not very good. You must want to browse from other countries to like USA maybe? So I suggest to look among these 5 schools:

Georgian College
Durham College
Wright State University
Missouri State University
Dublin Business School

These five universities from all around the world have the best diploma courses in data science. They are widely acknowledged and falls under top #10 universities for data science diplomas.

The first two colleges are from Canada itself. My personal suggestion would be to target these two universities first rather than going for the rest ones. Georgian and Durham College from Canada are like the best institutes in Canada. There is a larger number of international students already pursuing computational courses like data science there. They rank high in Canadian university lists and are located in prime locations.

The next two options are from the USA. I included USA universities because you get the best  post grad options in data science there. The USA is the hub of the computing and information industry. In general, a data scientist in the USA earns a six-figure salary in their mid-career only. With time and experience it will grow even further. Besides, Wright and Missouri State University are very good institutes in the USA. The diploma  programs there are quite popular.

Dublin Business School is located in Dublin, Ireland. It’s basically a part of the UK itself.  Did you know that demand for data scientists and data engineers there have increased by 231% in the last few years? This figure is a triple in value considering previous results. The UK is a very good location for data science professionals. Plus it won’t cost you more as it is a diploma course not masters. If you like UK education and lifestyle, this can be a life changing experience.

There are many other universities in the USA, UK or Canada that have diploma courses, but I think you get the idea from the ones I mentioned. I believe this gave an idea on how you can browse your options and make a decision. But if you need any more help, let me know. I’ll see what I can add to help.



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