What are the top 4 differences between Data Science and Data Engineer?

Asked by Pankaj Soni over 1 year ago

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The difference between data science and data engineering is not that tough to explain. Basically, both of these areas share similarities as data engineering is a sub-part of data science that is also very connected to the engineering line of work. Data science however is a very vast concept that includes many areas like analytics, statistics, business intelligence, IT, artificial intelligence and many more.

This basically means that as a data engineer, you work on engineering principles and tasks  (with databases and data sets). It connects your style of work in the data science profession. Just like a management degree that if paired with another subject you get to manage operations in that particular area.

It would be better to understand the difference between data science and data engineering on a point to point basis. Here take a look -

  1. Data science is a vast subject that includes many many specializations. Data engineering on the other hand is a sub-part of data science, it is pursued by the students that are already interested in this niche.
  2. Data science analyzes and interprets complex datasets. They are basically responsible to handle the operational tasks on data and information. Data engineers in general are responsible for preparing data. They work with the pre-production part of data science.
  3. While data science is a subject as a whole, it grants you access to many of its core areas like data analytics, machine learning, statistics, business intelligence etc. Data engineering (known by many names like IT engineering & information engineering methodology) is a software approach to designing and developing information systems. It will grant you access to the areas that are more niche to engineering.
  4. Data science is currently the most in-demand specialization in modern industry. All prime locations in the world are craving data science professionals in various fields. Data engineering however is a core area that is more relevant to the technology sectors. If you wish to be a data engineer, you have to consider technology and information as your most important areas of work.


I understand that this explains a lot on what is the difference between these two topics. Basically, the major difference is in the approach and areas of work under data science and data engineering. Otherwise, the jobs and careers in both of these fields involve data and information. I hope this explains enough for you to understand the difference. If you have any more questions, you can ask me.



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