What are the top 3 differences between the artificial intelligence and data science courses?

Asked by Ronak Sharma 12 months ago

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candice samuel

candice samuel

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This answer to this question can be put in two parts, and there can be two versions of the answer. But before we jump into the answer, let me clarify this to you artificial intelligence and data science are not completely different fields, their usage is different, but both of them come under the same roof. 

Yes, both of them are similar yet different, that is the beauty of the IT field. But because you have asked for the differences and that too the main one, so let me just tell you the difference that is there between artificial intelligence and data science. We will keep the other part of the answer for some other day, alright? Alright, so let’s answer this question on a factor basis. Don’t worry you will understand it in a while. 

Based on three main factors, I will be differentiating between data science and artificial intelligence. 

Goal: So the number one factor is the goal, here are the main goals of a data science professional and an artificial intelligence professional. 

Data Science: The goal of a data scientist is to identify a problem statement and then use the tools to solve that problem, or extract the insights or the results of the model that was used for that problem. You also need to visualise the results that you are anticipating and present them in front of the management so that they can strategise accordingly. 

Artificial Intelligence: Data scientists derive the data, and A.I. engineers use that data sets to interpret and create algorithms to make a machine or software interact in a certain way in a certain situation. 

Data science: The tools that are used by a data scientist are SPSS, R, Python, Keras etc. 

Artificial Intelligence: Tools used by an A.I. engineer are Shogun, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn etc.

Job Roles: I am sure this one was the most waited part. 

Data scientist: The main and high-paying job roles in a data science field are Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Statistician etc. 

Artificial Intelligence: The main and high-paying job roles in the artificial intelligence field are A.I. developer, ML Engineer, Robotics Engineer etc. 

Which field do you think is a more lucrative one. Data science or artificial intelligence?



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