What are the requirements of Harvard University for international students?

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Admissions to Harvard University are currently available for the class of 2023. There are two main intakes at Harvard: Fall and Spring, both of which are open to Indian students. Restrictive early action or regular decision are the two admissions processes used by the university. Decisions are made by the end of March.

Harvard University has the most stringent admission requirements among the eight Ivy League universities. According to reports, Harvard University's acceptance rate for 2021 will be 3.43%. Harvard has only had an acceptance rate of under 7% during the past ten years. In addition, most applicants accepted into Harvard courses have unweighted GPAs of 4.18 or higher. You must receive all As in your classes to be eligible for admission to Harvard University.

Admission to Harvard University for undergraduates
Access is available to 97 separate undergraduate degrees at Harvard University, divided into 57 majors within 19 general fields of study. Applying to a UG programme at Harvard University is described here.

Application Fee: 75 USD (~5,600 INR)

Admission Requirements:

  • School reports and high school transcripts are prerequisites for admission.
  • school report (2)
  • mid-year report card (after the first semester grades)
  • scholastic report card
  • ACT or SAT (optional for 2022-2023 applicants, but recommended)

Harvard University MS Admissions
Through its 12 graduate and professional schools, Harvard University has over 200 postgraduate programmes to choose from. Starting in September, applicants can begin the application process for Harvard University.

Application Fee: Non-refundable 105 USD (~8,200 INR)

Admission Requirements:

  • LOR    
  • Work experience    
  • GRE (Optional)
  • Writing sample
  • SOP for the USA    
  • Resume/ CV

Harvard University MBA Admissions
The Harvard Business School's MBA programme is a two-year, full-time course. The MBA programme is accepting applications for the academic years beginning in 2023.

By the middle of December, Harvard notifies students of restrictive early action. Regular decision applicants learn their fate by the end of March. On the application portal, students can monitor the outcome of their applications.

Students receive an email notification as soon as the decision is announced to remind them to check the status of their application. After 15 minutes of the decision being released, students can review their applications. The students might not get the reminder email if they are still logged in when the decisions are announced.

The Admissions Committee considers various factors besides high school grades, including leadership and distinction in extracurricular activities, community involvement, and personal traits and character.

Tarun Mathur

Tarun Mathur

Sr. Consultant

Navigating the application process for Harvard University as an international student involves several critical steps. Firstly, academic excellence is paramount. You must have an outstanding high school record. While Harvard has moved to a test-optional policy for some admissions cycles, showcasing excellent SAT or ACT scores can still bolster your application. 

English proficiency is also essential; you will need to submit scores from English language tests like the TOEFL or IELTS, and Harvard expects these to be competitive. Furthermore, Harvard adopts a holistic review process. This means that they consider more than just academics; your ability to contribute to the university through extracurriculars, personal essays, and recommendations is also evaluated. 

Your personal essays are particularly important as they provide insight into your personality and motivations. Be genuine and reflective in your writing, as this is your chance to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, securing strong letters of recommendation from educators who can attest to your academic and personal qualities is crucial. 

Ensure that you also meet specific requirements such as visa regulations and have your academic transcripts translated and evaluated, if necessary. The application process can be complex, so consider reaching out to an admissions counselor or a consultant to guide you through it effectively. Being well-prepared and understanding the holistic nature of Harvard's admissions process will greatly aid in crafting a compelling application. 



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