What are the platforms for freelance Data Science jobs?

Asked by Ronak Sharma about 1 year ago

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Shruti g

Shruti g

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Several platforms offer education and employment in data science. Freelance jobs are getting rapidly recognized in data science or any other field. After the global pandemic COVID-19, it is a common thing. Even organizations are promoting remote work like freelance in current times.

While there are more than enough platforms where you can hunt down freelance data science jobs, some are exceptional. If you keep checking everything out, you will be filled with non-ending options that are not even worth it. The data science industry is booming in every big country like the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Singapore and more. I have managed to sort out some of the best sources where you can browse freelance data science jobs. Have a look.


  1. The first one I want to talk about is Upwork. Upwork Global Inc. is an American freelance platform. The headquarters of this company is located in San Francisco, California. This one stands out the most of the dedicated freelance websites I have used personally for freelance jobs. Unlike other freelance sites, this one is more simplified and has an interactive UI.
  2. The second one I'm sure you are familiar with is LinkedIn. Instead of the word freelance, you will find contract or temporary in filters. The best thing about using LinkedIn is the way it is personalized. You can set your experience level and qualifications at the filter systems to find jobs that match your profile.
  3. AngelList is another good platform to find freelance data science jobs. The good thing about this one is it is for everyone. From beginner to advanced, everyone can find jobs here, whether temporary, full time or freelance. Even the self-learners can find jobs on AngelList as well as professionals.
  4. The last platform I want to talk about is Toptal. You may have heard its name as a hiring website, but it's more than that. Along with job findings, Toptal also offers resources through which you can improve your learning. Here you can pass an initial screening based on your qualifications, skills and experience; you can have an hourly charge rate anywhere from $20 to $100.


So these 4 are my top picks for finding freelance data science jobs online. Judging by the fact that you want freelance data science jobs, I assume you have already worked in the field. So it won't be any new experience, you'll be comfortable here. I'm sure you must also have some platforms in your mind, but for now, this is it. Let me know if you want some more suggestions from my side. Though I believe 4 is enough already.


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