What are the most affordable colleges with scholarships in the USA for Masters in Computer Science without GRE?

Asked by Kaushil Kumar about 2 years ago

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Avani Oswal

Avani Oswal

4th year undergrad student

Master in Computer Science is not a rare degree. Chances are, most universities in the USA with no GRE requirement offer the program. A computer science master's degree is very common in USA universities. The country is already a leading name in computer technology and engineering.

While looking for a Master in CS program, I came across many universities that are flexible with their eligibility. I have compiled some best ones for you to look at. Also, these universities do not charge hefty tuition for CS masters. Their fee ranges maximum to $25,000 yearly, equivalent to around 20 lakhs. Here, have a look at the list I curated for you- 

1. California State University
2. George Mason University
3. New Mexico State University
4. Oklahoma City University
5. Purdue University
6. Wichita State University
7. University of Bridgeport
8. University of Cincinnati

Many universities in this list cost around 15 lakhs annual tuition for their masters in CS program. And do not worry, all of these universities are recognized and popular. You must have heard of some of them, like California State University or George Mason. These universities do not require you to submit a GRE score for a master's. However, you are more than welcome to submit it anyway if you want.

For Scholarship purposes, you can quickly secure a scholarship at these universities with your academic and curricular performances. All these universities have their scholarship criteria that you will have to match. Plus, if your financial condition is not good enough, you can get a scholarship from the government or the university itself, releasing a considerable amount from your tuition.

More universities accept masters candidates without a GRE score and can be affordable. The only thing you need to be concerned about here is the other parts of your profile. I suggest you directly get in touch with experts for FREE to get this out of your way and move ahead with your application. I am sure they would help you evaluate your profile and then find the most well-suited college for you accordingly. 


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