What are the job opportunities after graduation in computer science from the California State University East Bay?

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The Department of Computer Science allows graduates to learn about the degree of Master of Science in Computer Science. This software is designed to lengthen the student’s expertise beyond the baccalaureate degree predominant in Computer Science. 

Students pursuing the Master of Science in Computer Science pick from one of two concentrations, Computer Science or Computer Networks. Computer Science awareness affords sizable flexibility, allowing pupils to direct their research closer to the extraordinary hobby location they find most compelling. Computer Networks awareness provides the probability to centre attention on subjects in Computer Networking.

Career Opportunities

  • Software/Application Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Web/Multimedia Developer
  • Game Designer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Systems Manager/Programmer
  • Network Administrator
  • Database Applications Programmer/Administrator
  • Technical Writer
  • Big Data Analyst
  • Information Technology (IT) Administrator
  • Teacher/Professor

The university presents a couple of PC labs on hand on campus as properly as wireless community access. Cal State has several lively Computing Clubs, which host presentations from participants of industry, as well as hackathons, tutorials and social events, and are concerned with several ongoing projects.

Our proximity to Silicon Valley provides internships and employment opportunities in the area's high-tech organisations. The branch is committed to a program wealthy in diversity and encourages women, minorities, and international college students to apply.

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