What is the demanding job course for postgraduation?

Asked by Zeel about 1 year ago

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Divyakshi  Gupta

Divyakshi Gupta

Study Abroad Expert

So there are a lot of master degrees that have a good job scope but then, according to me, choosing your master's degree from that perspective won’t be a nice idea. I’ll tell you why. Let’s suppose there are a lot of job opportunities in the medical and engineering field, but your academic background does not align with the requirements for doing a masters degree in medical or engineering, or you have an interest in the communication and management field. Then choosing medical or engineering just because of more job opportunities won’t be suitable for you, right? 

If you wish, you can do MiM in any specialisation like marketing, finance, human resources, business analytics, supply chain etc. or if you have any work experience, you can also opt for an MBA in these fields. If not anything, you can go ahead and do MS in any specialisation that you thing you might be interested in. 

The only two things that you should consider while choosing your master’s degree is if you are academically fit to apply to it, and you have your interest in it. Whatever field you choose, if you are really passionate about it, I’m sure you won’t face any trouble in landing a good job. 

So tell me more about your interests and academics and based on that we’ll together figure out which master’s degree would be best suitable for you. 




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