What are the courses of animation available in Norway?What country would be most affordable for Indian students?

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Gautam Kumar

Gautam Kumar

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Animation courses combine art and technology to bring images to life. Giving life to art is done through design using computer software. Animation is known to be the technique of getting movement within successive drawings. Animation is a well-used concept these days by almost every organization. 

Animation courses available within Norway 

There are multiple kinds of animation programs available in Norway for animation aspirants. In this section, we will get to know them: 

3D Art Animation and VFX
Digital Animation 
Games and entertainment 
Game design and project management 
Game design and graphics
Game design and programming
Energy, film and new media development
Illustration and animation

The students can pursue bachelor's, master's or even diplomas in these courses to give a boost to their animation career. 

Now, talking about affordable countries for Indian students to pursue animation courses can be: 

Missouri Western state university - BFA in digital animation, Missouri 
Average cost - $10,518

Lynn University - BFA in computer animation, Florida 
Average cost - $ 38,210

East Tennessee State University - BS in digital media, Tennessee 
Average cost - $ 17,571

Ferris state university - bachelor of applied science in digital animation and game design, Michigan
Average cost - $ 16,240

Colorado Mesa University, BFA in AFP&MD, Colorado 
Average cost - $ 15,842


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