What are the chances of getting the best college for an Engineer with a good profile and zero work experience?

Asked by Gâñësh Äryã 11 months ago

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paul larsenee

paul larsenee

Head of Capital Markets at Williams Trading, LLC

Recently one of my school friends (2 years senior to me) referenced me, and we had a precise dialogue after a long time. He graduated from a not-so-known college. He carried out his B.Tech in Electrical Engineering. However, he didn't get any job offers.

In India, there are 4,000 engineering schools, and according to AICTE, there are 14 lac engineering seats. So every 12 months, India produces about 14 lac engineers, rattling huge numbers.

The market works on the demand and supply principle; the trouble is demand is much less ( unskilled engineers ), and supply is high. So even if you are from a non-case history, people ask you for capabilities like ML/AI/Android/Web-Development/Data Science/BlockChain/UX/UI Design if you desire a job quickly after graduating.

Now the trouble is these engineers (non-case) learn about their core subjects in their four years of engineering. However, the market wishes for professional software program developers.

And I bet if you are very expert in some framework like React.js, you will get a job just after graduating in some proper tech startup. They are looking so badly and are geared up to supply high pay. It infrequently thinks if you are from any college in India.t is simply a game of how to use LinkedIn/Twitter/Instagram. I recently executed an internship in a startup based totally in Bangalore via Instagram.

If your department is different from cassette, the entire syllabus is no longer updated; it is old. You may not get a job by studying circuits/transformers/engines in your engineering. People do not need it; even if they need it, a skilled man or woman must come and fill the vacancy, so freshers don't get the chance here.


But you'll get an administration job offer or provided from some mass recruiting company, which will stress you in each way possible in the subsequent 2–3 years. You learn nothing, no mastering, no improvement, no earnings hike. Complete waste of time and energy. I hope this helped to make my thighs clear. Let me know if you want to go deeper.


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