What are the best Masters courses in UK for a BCOM graduate?

Asked by Nidhin k almost 2 years ago

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Hi. You are looking for a masters after a BCOM right? Well first of all, you have selected a country that has many options. Not because the UK is a very poor country education wise, which by the way it is. The main reason is because it is famous for many things. Unlike the USA that is known to offer a top degree, the UK has specific elements.

For starters, they excel in specialized courses, UK universities offer a fast paced program plus  they have one of the top business schools in the world. So getting a good course after a BCOM will be very easy in the country as it is a commerce bachelor. You have so many options to choose from. If you want my recommendations I have two major ones.

First one would be a Master in Finance. It's simple and could beget any complex. Finance is one of the biggest areas of commerce. This master will fit perfectly with your bachelor and it has the biggest paychecks in all of the business sectors. The most intriguing thing is that finance professionals are respected in every industry, because alongside earning for themselves, they bring company money.

The second option is a technical one. How does a Master in Business Analytics sound to you? Business analytics si among #3 people in all big countries like the USA, UK and Canada. Even top engineers are paid more than business analysts today. It's because of the new developments in the business industry, now everyone is launching their business globally, their need for business analysts is increasing.

Some of the other options are master courses in accounting, business management, supply chain and a standard MBA. However there  is n enough time here to explain all of them. If you want to know more about this topic, just ping me. I’ll see how I can help you here.


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