What are the best courses with higher job opportunities and good salary packages in USA after finishing BACHELOR OF PHARMACY in India.?

Asked by Sravan kumar over 1 year ago

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Shrikant Goyal

Shrikant Goyal

Founder at WALT INDIA

After finishing your Bachelor of pharmacy in India, the best course you can do is the two-year MBA in Pharmaceutical Management program; it is one of the greatest post-B.Pharmacy programs. It focuses on business and marketing as well as pharmacy science and technology. This degree, as well as the associated employment, necessitate extensive research and management. This also has higher job opportunities. Admission to the MBA in Pharmaceutical Management program needs the aspirant to have completed their undergraduate degree in any relevant subject, such as BBA, BA, B.Sc, B.Com, or BCA, with a minimum average of 50% aggregate marks from a recognized university. The MBA Pharmaceutical degree program focuses on health and chemical sciences, management, and marketing tactics. The course covers a wide range of topics in the pharmaceutical industry, including analysis, research, sales, consultation, administration, and distribution.


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