Which are the best books or apps for cracking IELTS?

Asked by Pranjal Patel almost 2 years ago

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ishita goyal

ishita goyal

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 There are literally thousands of books you can find online for IELTS preparation. Books like IELTS Guide, Cracking IELTS in a Month, Questions for IELTS etc., are all available everywhere. Plus you can get these offline as well. IELTS preparation is a very big market and many many publications swell books on how to prepare for IELTS. The only problem is, they cost way too much.

Students that are planning to study abroad are left with no choice except to buy these books. However, I would not recommend these ones. The reasons are quite simple. First, you get thousands of options to choose from that can confuse you. Second, it may not suit the style of the book you buy. And third, why pay money for a simple thing like this?

Yes, you can have the absolute best book and materials for IELTS for free. The Cambridge Assessment English (one of the bodies that manages IELTS) has its official guide that you can get for free. I mean they do charge if you buy those from a third-party source. However, you can always download its free PDFs and start your preparations. Abroad studies is already very costly, and anything you can save no matter how small is good.

Besides, what could be better than the official guide to IELTS. I mean, the test organizer has prepared it themselves. Automatically, it will be the most logical and relevant to the actual test. What is more, they offer sample questions and answers as well. You can just simply visit their official website or manually search on Google for it. I personally recommend not to waste your valuable time and money on things that can be attainable for free.

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