What are the 5 reasons which make UBC Data Science competitive?

Asked by Nana Rai 12 months ago

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Just a few days back, I answered why the University of British Columbia (UBC) is one of the best places for a data science masters. Not just data science but all other programs offered by UBC are equally excellent. The university is the #1 academic body in Canada and quite popular globally. Many sources like Economic Times, Glassdoor and Indeed put UBC among the most competitive universities in the world.

The data science programs, especially from UBC, are very popular. Getting into the program is not an easy task because it is one of the most competitive programs in Canada. UBC ranks at #2 for the quality of education in the country plus their reputation precedes their name. There are countless reasons for it that can not be listed in enough time. However, I have pointed out the top 5 reasons why it is so competitive to get into the UBC data science program.


  1. First, let’s talk about its acceptance rate. In 2020, exactly 1,184 applications were received for the UBC Masters of data science.  Out of those 1,184 students only 184 were offered admission into the UBC data science program. This makes their acceptance rate stand at 15.54% to be precise about it.
  2. The Master of Data Science commonly known as MDS from UBC is taught by a core team of faculty that are especially dedicated to teaching full-time MDS courses. It’s not like they are any professionals goof at their jobs. They are trained especially for this particular program to make it worth more than it is. They offer excellent academic views and support to students throughout the program. 
  3. At UBC, the MDS is a cohort-based program with practical, real-world-applications experiences. This is done by integrating real-world databases across the curriculum. The MDS program there ends with a capstone project that allows students to apply their acquired knowledge to questions facing a capstone partner’s organization.
  4. Also, most three-year degrees obtained from research-intensive universities are accepted as a basis for admission in the MDS program at UBC. This makes more applicants apply for the program which automatically makes it more competitive.
  5. Last but not the least, because UBC does not ask their applicants to submit GRE test scores for their MDS program, a very large number of students apply to this program. In other options, students with no GRE get eliminated but not here.


Based on these 5 major reasons, the quality and number of applicants for the data scone program at UBC extends. Instead of limiting the application, it boosts them to apply, making it one of the most competitive options in Canada.



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