What are some pros and cons of doing an MS abroad?

Asked by Raveena Tomar over 1 year ago

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Joshua Borisova

Joshua Borisova

Founder & CEO at TAXA

That's a good question. It's actually smart to weigh pros and cons in order to make a decision. But in case you hope for a clear answeranser it is as simple. It is definitely worth pursuing an MS abroad. But as you are concerned, it does come with some drawbacks. And not just universals like more cost, some are darn big.

So first for the pros. I can list many, but I guess you will be more satisfied with ones that will affect your career. Like you get many subsidiary services during your study abroad but those are all miscellaneous. Therefore I have these pros for an MS abroad -

Better education, in means of researched and dynamic curriculum.

A much more recognized degree.

Better earning possibilities because of the bigger platform.

A quality lifestyle (country depends).

For cons, it starts with finance. And I can see how this factor alone stops thousands of aspirants. But abroad studies can be funded in many ways. Anyway, I believe there are other cons as well, here take a look -

A much bigger finance required (university & country depended)

Living in a familiarized environment.

Language expertise needed.

Laid-back job expectancy. Abroad universities do not have placement, but job fairs instead. You can’t sit back and do excellent in your studies and expect to get hired. You actually have to get out and start networking for better job opportunities. Or else maybe you will receive a job option, but it won’t be most efficient.

So to summarize, I would suggest only if you are super concentrated on your career and education, target abroad. What I mean is, if you are looking for comfort and ease, the process can be tiring. But it sure does reward later on. Hope it helps.


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