What are some good study abroad programs for Computer Science?

Asked by Anil Rajak almost 2 years ago

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Gautam Kumar

Gautam Kumar

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To name all good options will take probably an entire day. Because computer science is hands-down the most diverse area of study. Many of the data and information technology programs also fall under computer science. Instead of good study abroad programs for computer science, how about the best ones?

I just want to mention first that in CS, data science/analytics and software development have been the very best options from the beginning. The students' numbers have proved this point, the employability speaks the same thing. Plus jobs and earnings in these two specific areas have been excellent from the start. This is also the reason why universities abroad have many programs designed for data science/analytics and software development.

For data science & analytics, there are two kinds of options:

  • Data science/analytics with computer science
  • Data science/analytics with engineering

I recommend you join with your interests here. There’s not much difference in these two courses except for the disciplines. First one is designed for deep data learning in CS while the second one offers data components in engineering. If it seems that the data course with an engineering master gets to a different path, it's not. A data engineering course is a CS masters and offered under CSE departments of universities abroad.

Software development basically is to give you access to a vast field. At the same time it is also creative, demanding and if pursued accordingly, rewarding. In top countries, MS in software development graduates have been presented with six-figure salaries after gaining some experience. The best part of software development is, it comes with a lot of concentration. Some top examples are; computing, IT, engineering and systems.

If no courses under these two disciples intrigue you there's always other options. I can see artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning as good options. Also, Management Information Systems (MIS).

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are technical CS courses. These two in particular have been in demand in recent times. We know how much AI is now involved in every product and service. And machine learning systems, models, and schemes are like common essentials now. On the other hand, an MIS course is for management aspirants. The program involves people, processes and technology in an organizational context.

Are these options enough for you or do you need some more options? Or perhaps you have some areas of work in mind? If anything, do share your thoughts so that finding your best suit can be narrowed down. If you need any kind of assistance in choosing a computer science program, our consultants here are ready to help you out.


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