What are some good options for an MCA Data Science background?

Asked by Poonam Soni almost 2 years ago

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paul larsenee

paul larsenee

Head of Capital Markets at Williams Trading, LLC

Master of Computer Application (MCA) basically is a course that gives you different specializations. One  of the major ones is data science. Well, not exactly, instead of a direct specialization in data science, you will get data and analytics electives. Basically it's equivalent to a data science specialization.

Good options can be a standard data science program. For example a Master in Data Science. Since your background is mainly focused with data science, we’ll keep computer application and the secondary focus point. Therefore doing a full-time data science master program is best for you. You can later in the course choose a computational elective to make it even better.

Data Science courses don't have to be a specific name. Like you have many types of data science master courses. For example; data science AI, big data, data analyst etc. So you have many options in a Masters of Data Science program. you can easily get familiar with these courses. Basically, they are much better because demand for data scientists is skyrocketing.

I specifically mentioned artificial intelligence (AI) for a reason. It’s because master programs in Data Science AI are very popular nowadays. The job industry in AI data science is very prosperous and the profession is included in many sectors. Being one of the most specialized tech areas, it is more common nowadays. Your career options after graduation will be very good.

Big data and analytics are basically the most common masters in data science. You will see many universities that offer big data and data analytics masters in a data science program. They are very directional and include high-level topics in data science. You generally get to work closely with the subject in a job role here. If you are really interested in the topic, I wouldn’t recommend waiting. Just start preparing for a masters in data science.

There are some collaboration programs as well in this area. Like you can get a MCA or data science degree with included specializations from two universities at once. Many international universities collaborate to offer data science with CA specializations. For location, I would consider the USA and Canada. If you want to know about your options, leave a comment. I would be happy to help you with information. 


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