What are some good online Data Science courses for a good profile?

Asked by Poonam Soni almost 2 years ago

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Online data science courses are good, but they do not hold as much value as a full-time degree. I mean not saying it’s bad in any way but there are a lot of options when it comes to data science courses. It is one of the most popular and sought-after subjects in current time. You have like thousands of universities you can browse from.

However, if you really want to know some good online courses for data science, I have some good suggestions for you. Take a look -

Southern Methodist University
Syracuse University
University of Denver
University of California Berkeley

These four USA based universities have top online data science programs. Their online data science courses are ranked the very best in the country. I’m sure you are already familiar with a name like UC Berkeley, right? Similarly, the other three universities on the list are also top-notch.

The biggest advantages of doing an online course are lower expenses and no GRE. Yeah, online courses does ot ask you to submit a GRE score, which students find very facilitating. Many students opt for these online data science courses because their GRE score is too low to get into a program. The less fee also makes it a popular choice.

However, if you think closely, all of these options are somewhat a limitation. Like you are not actually choosing an online data science course, but you are forced to do so because you lack GRE or fee or day going to a foreign country. I have a simple answer. GRE can be prepared within a month (even if not, there are universities abroad that admit students without GRE). The fee can be manageable with scholarships and student loans.


In simpler words, if you have an intention you can definitely do a full-time data science course. There are many counseling firms that help students to study abroad. I suggest taking any help possible and go for a full-time masters in data science. It will allow you to apply for good jobs in many locations. You will not be limited to a job today in a country.

The employment and data science salaries in top countries like the USA, UK and Canada are very good. The field is progressing with an average salary around six-figures. On average all countries are offering ober $100,000 annual salary to experienced data scientists. This is equivalent to more than 75 lakhs per year.



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