What are scholarship programs for masters in surgery in the US?

Asked by Riya Singh over 1 year ago

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Ruben Osbon

Ruben Osbon

Director at Tax Resolution - Tax Relief Solutions for Businesses and Individuals

Hi Ria. How’s everything going?

So as far as I know medical is the only field that rarely offers large scholarships in the US. While US citizens usually pay by US federal loans that must be repaid in many years after students graduate and get jobs, there is no such facility for international students. Some colleges like Stanford and Harvard do provide financial aid in terms of scholarships and awards but that is based on previous academic performance, extracurricular achievements, exceptional performance in entrance tests, etc.

It is quite tough for international students to avail themselves of large scholarships in the medical field like for a master’s in surgery and I understand that sometimes finances are a huge obstacle in the study abroad journey. I suggest you get in touch with experts at https://bit.ly/3zzeq0o who can evaluate your profile and then guide you for appropriate loans and scholarships that can help you for your master’s in surgery in the US. 

Do you have a specific university in mind? Connect with me and let me know about your preferences and I’ll try to find out if those universities have any scholarship programs that can help you. 




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